Tuesday, May 21, 2019

CCNA (Version 1.1) - Cyberops Skill Exam

Maybe you have been looking for where the answer to cyberops exam skills is, and finally takes you to this article. Let me be clear, the cyberops exam that I posted earlier is the result of my own exam that I documented. Cyberops Quiz until I posted Cyberops final exam. But the problem here is that there are lots of questions from you about where the answers from Cyberops skill exam.

So like this, when I was in college in semester 5, we got courses on network security which led us to cyberops. The lecturer also provided lecture material from Cyberops skill exam that we have had an account. During learning, lecturers usually give practical assignments apart from material on CCNA cyberops such as "How to hack ...", "Examine data on wireshark", "How to operate snort ..." and others. The task given by the lecturer is to complete the value of our assignments. As for the quiz and test scores taken from the exam in the CCNA. 

Therefore, by saying a big apology, I can't post an answer about the Cyberops Exam because I can't open the skill. If seen in the picture it might look like the image below. 

nugaskuyy.com picture

I could not work on the skill exam because the lecturer did not open the skill at the CCNA cyberops because of the above reasons. Maybe I can help you by sending me the exam skill for me to try. Remember, I'm just trying to help.

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