Kenalan dengan Penulis Kuyy

Assalamualaikum warrahmatullah wabarakatuh..
Warm regards to all readers ...

Introducing my name is Delfin Jefriansyah. I am a person who cannot talk in many ways because of lack of experience in various ways. I may not be good at everything, this is due to lack of enthusiasm that arises to do that. But know that there are times when we have found something that we have gone through and it turns out that we are very enthusiastic about it, I'm sure everyone will find it.

On this page you will read my random comments when I am freaked out and want to write and tell everything I have experienced, walaupuin is not complete.

NugasKuyy was built.

I will start telling stories when I start building this blog. In 2016, I started lecturing at the Lampung State Polytechnic camp. I will not explain much about the campus, but will share the activities in it. So, during the semester 1 lecture, we have the task of creating a blog that has the name of the blog according to each name. Think of the name of the blog with the name which on the blog we have to post our lecture assignments at least 4 articles per week. Initially I was passionate about writing a blog, sometimes I could write 10 articles a day, because I got word from friends that later that blog could make money.

I keep trying to multiply the article, until finally the first semester has passed and I continue the blog even though sometimes I'm confused about what content to write. At one time I began to think that it felt like there was no point in writing this blog, because I saw my statistics just like that - not so many as 100 visitors per day. How can you make money? I think. It's inside the mind to find out how to make money from the blog. Ask friends and find information that the money can be generated by advertising on my blog. Finally I tried to register my blog on adsense to start making money

After trying to register adsense, it was not easy to be accepted as an adsense publisher because there are several requirements that must be met to be able to adjust the content and ads. Several times I tried to fix my blog but it didn't work either. Until finally I gave up on my blog because I thought there was no point in writing if I didn't make money.

In Semester 5, when the Mandiri Business Project (PUM) I began to think again about creating a blog again. This idea arose because there were 2 of my friends who received adsense easily and this made me even more curious and I felt like trying it again a second time. Learn from previous mistakes and discuss a lot with friends. At the end when I was in the campus library I ordered a TLD domain by still referring to my field, namely technology. Bingug seems to choose a good name for my blog and finally the name Nugas Kuyy appears, which means it's ok. I don't know where that thought came from, but clearly I am sure this time I will succeed with a little more struggle

And yes, after I tried registering adsense on the first trial, Alhamdulillah, I was notified of the good news in my gmail notification. I started collecting rupiah coffers which even though sometimes a day only got 100 rupiah, but it didn't matter because big business people started from a small step. To reach the 100th step we have to go through the first rung first.

Experience of Field Work Practices
Field Work Practices (PKL) -> maybe someone doesn't know.

Starting from the last semester 5 PUM, I happened to make a web that was funded. Began to look for references from internet webs of the same type. Until finally opening one of the webs, namely, where at that time I saw their website was very good and tried to tamper with their web by inputting random data and there was an online chat service on the web. I tried to enter fake data to get connected. When they were connected, they started asking

"Good morning, Mr. Hjgjhs, what can we help" -> Whose father is that :D.

Then I answered "is this a robot, isn't it?"

"InsyaAllah, not sir: D"

"...... whatever the conversation forgot"

then I asked, "can you accept PKL students not cared for? We are from the Lampung state polytechnic"

"Have you told Mr. Imam yet?"

"I immediately remembered that the PUM team reminded us that our office had come to the lab the other day and shared its work place at DT, caring and he was holding the head of the service center."

And then then I asked for our WA number, and from there it started to get our street vendors at DT Cares Bandung, where is aa gym. Hmmm....

Only this time out of the island of Sumatra in a state of consciousness, which once fit just small and even then there was a family of relatives who left home. This PKL group  has 5 members, including me in Daarut Tauhid. There were 3 more members who were conceived at Inzipre Tech not too far from Daarut Tawhid so they could get one house

...(to be continued)

Those who already know try to comment below, what do you think I am like?