Secret of Technology

Assalammualikum wr. wb.

Science without being based on religion will be blind and religion without knowledge will be paralyzed. Einstein's opinion is very important for religious people, because well-mastered knowledge will be beneficial to humanity thanks to the guidance of religion. In this case religion will be the lamp that illuminates the use of science for the welfare of mankind

In Al-Qur'an Surat Al ‘Alaq verse 1-5, God has indicated that humans want to learn to master science. This commandment in His word reads:

"Read with (mention) the name of your Lord who has created. He created mankind from a lump of blood, read and your Lord the Most Gracious. Who taught humans by means of kalam. He taught people what he didn't know. "

What should be read? What must be read is this universe created by God which contains a lot of knowledge. God intentionally created this universe to be studied by humans as a science. God also gives knowledge to humans from the very beginning of human creation as a differentiator from other creatures. This can be seen in the letter Al Baqarah verses 31-33.

In these verses it is explained that God taught (gave) a knowledge to humans that he did not give to angels. God knows everything that is born or hidden (in the heart) and the knowledge of God is very broad, covering all the secrets that exist in the sky and on earth. The knowledge that God gives to humans is only a small part of all of God's knowledge, as reflected in the word of God:

"............ and not you are given knowledge but a little." (Surah Al Israa ', 17:85)

So, in the Qur'an besides worshiping God also tells us to read and study or seek knowledge. Science will bring people to the recognition of the greatness of Allah SWT and only knowledgeable people who easily accept the reality of the greatness of Allah SWT.

Then what is the relationship between the Qur'an and science and technology? The relationship between the Qur'an and science and technology is closely related. The sciences contained in the Qur'an are easily understood because they are written directly on the verses, but there are also sciences in question that must be contemplated first, needing further thought because they are only implied in the verses.

The verses in the Qur'an always stimulate the human mind to think more about the contents of the verses which are mostly concerned with science and technology. There are also no verses of the Qur'an that hinder the willingness of science and technology, on the contrary the Qur'an always challenges humans to use their minds to get lessons from their verses, examples in Surat Ar Rahman, 55:33:

"Hi all jinns and humans, if you are able to penetrate (cross) the corners of heaven and earth, then relax, you cannot penetrate except by force."

The verse above contains a sign that humans must have the power to defeat the earth's attraction, where when humans want to penetrate the corners of the sky leaving the earth. What strength is this meant? For humans who live in today's advanced age, it is certainly not difficult to say that the power intended is the mastery of science and technology about rocketry that can deliver humans into space. For example, the Apollo 11 spacecraft owned by the United States and Russia's Soyuz can defeat the earth's pull force with a rocket boost.

Another example is in Al Anbiyaa ', 21:80, which reads:

"And We taught David to make armor for you, to keep you in your arms. Then you should be grateful (to Allah). "

The above verse implies about science and technology about how to work metal (iron) so that it can be made of armor (shield) so that the wearer is resistant to a sword and also not translucent. At this time a bullet-proof vest (vest) was used by state officials and security officers for the safety of the gunfire. It turns out that in the Qur'an there is a verse which also implies it, can be read in Al Hadid's letter, 57:25.

There are still many more discussions about science and technology in the Qur'an which at this time have been discovered and utilized. Because there is no single book in this world that is complete and perfect as the Qur'an.

So a brief discussion about the Qur'an, science and technology may be useful for all of us,

 wassalamualaikum wr. wb.


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